Chapter 38 – A Snowflake in Hell

Chap 38 – A Snowflake in Hell

Thank you, Hazel Hawke.

And that’s all, folks! Thanks for your interest. Feel free to comment or email (see ‘about the author’)

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4 Responses to Chapter 38 – A Snowflake in Hell

  1. Solstate says:

    Oh no! I knew the day must be coming but I am sad that it has arrived. I have enjoyed reading Snowflake’s Hope immensely. Please tell us you will publish some other novels for us to read. I for one would be quite happy to pay for them.

  2. philsaunders51 says:

    thank you thank you thank you; it has been a delight to read, even though it had an unhappy ending.

  3. Julie Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you for sharing the journey. Politicians need the hide of a rhino. Genuinely caring, Alice did very well to achieve what she did and worked hard to maintain her ethics. The complex dimensions of her operating environment seemed both a buzz and draining. She left the arena with her self respect intact although it was an emotionally rough time. Her humour, lateral thinking and thoughts provide the reader with wonderful insights into the black comedy of party politics and parliamentary representation.

  4. harveytruman says:

    Thanks, Julie. I couldn’t have put it better myself !

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